Hin Deang with Whale Shark

Diving Hin Daeng and Hin Muang is definitely the best of Thailand Scuba dive trips.

This site, together with Richelieu Rock on the North of the country, is unique because nowhere else you will combine oceanic Manta and Whale Shark in such a wonderful healthy reef background. Therefore, you better do not miss diving in Hin Daeng during your diving holiday in Koh Lanta!

We said that Hin Daeng is amongst the best Koh Lanta dive sites to see the manta but it is much more than this! The entire dive place is covered with red soft corals which it is named after. Shoals of pelagic species (including, on lucky days, Whale Sharks) swim close to the stunning drop off walls (up to 60 meters!).

A perfect place to complete your Advanced Diver Course, Deep Dive Course, or Underwater Photography Course! If you are only an Open Water Diver certified with less than 20 dives logged, do not worry because you are allowed to see this spot by applying for a Deep Dive Adventure only for 500 thb extra. Hence, if you logged more than 20 dives without holding an advanced diver certification you can dive Hin Daeng and Hin Muang with no issues.

Typical Trip

With our fiberglass speedboat we take you there in less than 2 hours! We go diving to Hin Daeng together with Hin Muang. Trip price is only 4500 thb with an extra dive in Koh Haa on the way back to Lanta for only 600 thb.

Hin Daeng Diving Site

hin daeng hin muang diving trip
Diving Hin Daeng hin muang
hin daeng diving site map
  • Suitable for experienced divers only

    We recommend that only experienced divers visit this site or apply for a Deep Dive Adventure.

  • Currents

    Currents – Mild to Strong, most of the times only at the surface. So, it is important when you jump into the water to go straight to the descending line.

  • Visibility

    Although visibility varies and can sometimes drop below this average, the normal visibility around this site is between 15 – 20 m.

  • Depth

    See the maps for more specific descriptions of the sites, however the depth ranges from the beach to the max depth of 60m.

  • Great place to see and to photograph

    Great to see Manta Rays, Whale Shark and pelagics. Whale Shark is randomly spotted all along the season, January and February are the months for Manta.