PADI Green Star Award – support environmentally eco friendly diving company!

Our planet needs now more than one eco friendly diving company center and tourism activities. People’s habits are really destroying eco systems across the world. Thus, causing damages that might be irreversible in the future. This is why Phoenix Divers Koh Lanta decided to take necessary steps in Thailand to help the destruction of our beautiful planet. Our actions have been noticed by PADI and thus we received the PADI Green Award!

What does Phoenix Divers Koh Lanta do to be an Eco Friendly Diving Center in Thailand?

Every year we set a goal for our diving center to increase our eco friendly habits. So far we have managed to change many of our practice. First and foremost, single use plastics are never used in our dive shop or on our dive boat. Whatever is used, it must be recyclable. Therefore, re-usable cups, lunch boxes and utensils are used on the daily basis. Moreover, you can find reusable jugs on our boat that are refilled each day with filtered water. In addition, we have created strict logistics for customer pick up and drop off so that the car use is minimized.

There are many eco friendly habits in our dive in Thailand shop that you may not actually notice but are important to mention. For example, we collect rainwater with which we wash the scuba diving equipment. Of course we also sanitize all the equipment for the safety of our customers. Moreover, we use many energy saving appliances throughout the shop. All our light bulbs, ceiling fans, refrigerators and other appliances are energy efficient. We also minimized the air-condition use to only a short period of time each day. With each passing year, we strive to increase our environmentally friendly practices! To protect not only ourselves but also the future generations. Join us in the fight to betterment of our world – become eco friendly!

eco friendly diving koh lanta

What is the PADI Green Star Award?

PADI Green Star Award is given to PADI dive centers that demonstrate a dedication to conservation. These include water conservation, energy use and environmentally friendly practices. As well as the use of sustainable materials, conservation leadership and donation to conservation. The Green Star Award identifies businesses that care about the environment and are acting to protect it. We are proudly doing all these amazing things to help our environment.

PADI Green Star Award is not only good habits

In addition to our day to day eco habits, we try to influence others. We do this by teaching the PADI Dive Against Debris and Shark Conservation courses. You can join us for a course to learn about the importance of conservation. Or, you can join us during our monthly underwater and beach clean ups. We collect and report the debris data to Project Aware and we can proudly say that we see a decrease in the debris over time!