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Another Beautiful Diving Site from Koh Lanta Island, Thailand: Anemone Reef

Anemone reef is a large pinnacle absolutely covered in lime green and sky blue magnificent anemones. Located less than a mile from Shark Point, the rock formation rises up from 30 meters to 5 meters below the surface, and is a well known shipping hazard. It was this reef that struck the King Cruiser in 1997. As a result, you can still see a gap at the top of the pinnacle created by the ship’s hull.

The best way to dive this site is probably to follow the reef down to your chosen depth limit and slowly spiral your way back to 5 meters. Anemone reef is hence a very impressive dive and here you have also a good chance to see Leopard Sharks, lying in the sandy area by the reef. Due to the nutrient rich waters here, this dive spot is a magnet to huge numbers of reef fish seeking food and shelter. Furthermore, you will see enormous shoals of tropical fish,  snappers, large groupers and also colorful varieties of clown fish. This site is a great place to watch out for larger game-like fish in the blue, like Tuna and Barracuda. In addition, watch out for the resident Tiger Tail Seahorse, our especially relevant guest on a large Georgian fan at about 14 meters.

We do not often go to this diving site from Ko Lanta because we prefer the better visibility of scuba diving location closer to us as Koh Haa or Koh Bida Nok, where you might also snorkel with your family or freedive!

anemone reef

Dive Site Highlights


    Experienced divers only due to strong currents.


    Mild to strong, we will check tide times for dive suitability.


    Although visibility varies and can sometimes drop below this average, the normal visibility around this site is 5 – 15m.


    See the map for a more specific description of the site, however the max depth is about 30m.


    Leopard Sharks, enormous shoals of tropical fish, snappers, large groupers and colorful varieties of clown fish, along with larger game-like fish in the blue like Tuna and Barracuda.