2022 – 2023 Dates for the PADI IDC with Phoenix Divers Koh Lanta

These are our Dates for PADI IDC run on Koh Lanta: just pick up yours! Our Diving Instructor Develoment Course in Thailand is organized with a flexible schedule. Look also below our detailed Full Program.

IDC Staff Start DatesIDC DatesIE DatesMSDT Prep Dates from
08 FEB ’2410 – 23 FEB ’2425 – 26 FEB ’2428 FEB ’24
05 APR ’2407 – 20 APR ’2422 – 23 APR ’2425 APR ’24
28 APR ’2430 APR – 12 MAY ’2414 – 15 MAY ’2417 MAY ’24
22 JUN ’2424 JUN – 07 JUL ’2409 – 10 JUL ’24 (tbc)11 JUL  ’24
24 AUG ’2426 AUG – 08 SEP ’2410 – 11 SEP ’24 (tbc)13 SEP ’24
26 OCT ’2428 OCT – 10 NOV ’2412 – 13 NOV ’2428 FEB ’24
29 NOV ’2401 – 14 DEC ’2417 – 18 DEC ’2420 DEC ’24
30 DEC ’2402 – 15 JAN ’2516 – 17 JAN ’2519 JAN ’25
09 FEB ’2511 – 24 FEB ’2526 – 27 FEB ’2529 FEB ’25
06 APR ’2508 – 21 APR ’2523 – 24 APR ’2526 APR ’25
29 APR ’2502 – 15 MAY ’2517 – 18 MAY ’2520 MAY ’25

Useful Info about Trainig and Exams in Thailand

Most of the Instructor Examinations (IE) are held on Koh Lanta throughout the year. However, some of these could be not confirmed yet, or some IDC are run in Koh Lanta but actually the IE is in another Thailand location, like Krabi or Phuket. For example, “tbc” means “to be confirmed”. In this case the PADI IE might not be in Lanta or not confirmed yet. Feel free to contact us if the training dates above do not match your schedule.

On the Dates Table you may see also:

  • “IDC Staff Start Dates” which means that our Course Director will meet the Staff Candidates a couple of days before the IDC starting day. This is to introduce better them to the program and procedures followed during the training. So, this date concerns only for whom applying for the PADI Staff Instructor Course.
  • “MSDT Prep Dates from” which means that the specialties course will be presented after the exams. Read here for more details.
Koh Lanta thailand idc schedule

Thailand PADI IDC Schedule and Program on Koh Lanta

PADI Scuba Diving Instructor Course Schedule Sample on Koh Lanta

We organize the Thailand PADI IDC Diving Instructor Development Course on Koh Lanta in a flexible way: you can have a look at our schedule sample or contact us for a tailor-made program! Scuba Instructor Training Internship options and different dates are also available with us in Thailand. In addition, if you are already Staff Instructor, by following our CD you can obtain IDC Staffing Credits to achieve PADI Master Instructor Ratings or PADI Course Director credits.

How to read the PADI IDC Sample Schedule Table – Our Instructor Development Course Program

Our Koh Lanta Course Director is home based on the island. He is very flexible to change dates and the 14 days plan according to class size and personal needs. Below are some descriptions about the organization shown in the Sample Table contents:

  • CW is for “Confined Water Sessions”, so it’s pool teaching time!
  • OW is for “Open Water Sessions”, therefore we’re going to the ocean!
  • KD is for “Knowledge Development”, time to learn how to talk to your students guys!
  • “Assignments or e-learning to be completed before” is your homework to be done for that class! In this section you may find CW, OW, KD presentations to be developed or e-learning sections to be read and completed

IDC IE (Instructor Exam days) and the 5 Instructor Specialty

As you know, our PADI IDC contains also for free the 5 Specialty Instructor Certification. The Specialty Courses days will be just after the IE days, since you need to be a Certified PADI Scuba Diving Instructor before applying for them. Do not worry, we have 100% successful IDC candidates all the time! PADI IE will take place just after the Instructor Development Course is closed. This section might take a up to a week more, depends on which Specialty you choose.

Other appealing features of our best Thailand PADI IDC!

  • Job placement tips and 1 trip per dive location to get experience on Koh Lanta in order to enhance your Curriculum Vitae
  • Opportunity to teach a real student after successful completion of the course
  • Internship available

Do not Forget to apply for the PADI IDC in advance to get 20% off!