Hin Bida Diving is a submerged reef site located between the Bida Islands and Koh Lanta island.

At low tide the reef breaks the surface and gradually drops to 20m, the majority of this dive is no deeper than 14m making it a good option if doing a three dive trip. The reef lies north to south, with three fingers towards the south and southwest that are separated by sandy patches. This part of the reef is the most vibrant.

Leopards Sharks are often seen here lying on the sandy areas, also look out for Stonefish and Pharaoh cuttlefish with a very distinct blue and while pattern.

hin bida snorkeling
Diving Hin Bida - leopard sharks

Come to see while diving or snorkeling the Leopard Sharks almost always present at Hin Bida site!

Either you are a diver or a snorkeler it is quite easy to spor and enjoy one or more Leopard Sharks presenti in the area. They normally lie somewhere at the bottom, not very deep. Time to time they wake up for a little swim.

Are you a freediver? Hold your breath and swim along these beautiful sea creature is definitely something for your memories!

  • Suitable for divers and snorkelers

    Hin Bida is accesible for all.

  • Currents

    Mild to strong. We use the tide tables in our dive planning.

  • Visibility

    Although visibility varies and can sometimes drop below this average, the normal visibility around this site is 8 – 25m

  • Great place to see and to photograph

    These sites are excellent for  Macro Photographers. they are a great place to see  caves, turtles, frog fish, corals, trigger fish, sharks, nudibranch, and shoals of Barracuda as well as much much more.