Why choose us as your Dive Company on Koh Lanta, Thailand

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Why should you choose Phoenix Divers Koh Lanta as your Dive Company?

Are you planning a scuba diving holiday in Thailand on Koh Lanta and you aren’t sure which dive company or school is the best one to choose? Well, we are here to help you. There are many reasons why you should choose us as your best Thai Dive Center. Starting from small group sizes, ending on environmental protection, below is the list of what we promise to offer you as your center.
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We admit that many diving companies and shops are very well organized on the island, working hard and safe. Therofere, we call ourselves one of the best: there is no best one!

We are in the small group of diving centers that have been awarded the PADI Green Star Award for our continuous commitment to the betterment of the environment. Every year we audit our center to see what else we can do to help our beautiful planet. This is why you will see reusable cups and lunch boxes with delicious locally made food. In addition, you will be able to see our bins for recycling everywhere and plastic bottles replaced but recyclable ones. Least but not last, join one of our Project AWARE Dive against Debris Course! or Shark Conservation Program on Koh Lanta!

From all the experience we have gained around the world we noticed that many diving centers are missing one big thing: FUN! When we do our scuba diving courses we make sure to have fun included! We definitely don’t make you sit in a room the whole day and watch an old outdated scuba diving video, we teach you hands-on. We want you to enjoy the experience of diving and to continue your passion, not to get burned out after doing a boring course. This is why you should definitely joins us for days filled with lots of fun letting us be your best dive company on Koh Lanta! Oh, and did we mention we have a flexible schedule?!

Our team consists of multi-lingual and enthusiastic team that has worked in the scuba diving industry around the world. Some places we have worked are Maldives, Egypt, Mexico, Thailand, Philippines, French Polynesia, Italy and other parts of Europe. This means we know what to do in strong currents or bad visibility. You can always feel safe with us!

We have a team from all around the world! If English is not your strength, you can be sure that we will accomodate you to make you feel as comfortable as possible. Also, all the exams for scuba diving and freediving are in many languages to avoid misunderstanding.

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