thailand koh-lanta aida 4

AIDA 4 **** on Koh Lanta is the final certification level for your Apnea path.

Therefore during this AIDA **** 4 Freediver  Course on Koh Lanta, Thailand, you will learn to:

  • perform a 2,45 minutes breath-hold
  • swim 70 m in Dynamic Apnea with fins
  • freedive with fins in constant weight to 32 m in open water
  • show freediving rescue techniques from 15 m in open water

Duration: 4 Days minimum

Cost: 20000 thb

Minimum Age: 16 years old

Prerequisites: Advanced Freediver PADI or Equivalent as AIDA *** 3 Apnea Level and First Aid and CPR certification within the last two years

PADI Master Freediver ( or the corresponding AIDA **** 4) is a very particular course that we’d like to offer in a private 1 to 1 ratio with our instructor in order to make it easier fot you to achieve all the goals with all the safety required. That is the first reason why the price is a bit higher than other apnea courses.

Our school instructor trainer has been taught by AIDA Freediver World Champion Homar Leuci, holder of all italian AIDA Freedive records:

-118 Constant weight apnea CWT

-104 Free immersion apnea FIN

-77 Constant weight apnea without fins CNF

Homar Leuci is also, in the world raking: 3rd for CWT, 6th for FIN, and 4th for CNF.

phoenix koh lanta aida 4

Table below shows the exactly same performance requirements between AIDA **** 4 and PADI Master Freediver

  • Performance Requirements / Courses
  • Static Breath Hold
  • Dynamic Apnea
  • Fins constant weight
  • AIDA *** 4
  • 3 minutes 30 Seconds
  • 70 meters
  • 32 meters
  • PADI Master Freediver
  • 3 minutes 30 Seconds
  • 70 meters
  • 32 meters
Comparison between AIDA 4 and PADI Master Freediver
RequirementsAIDA 4PADI MFD
Static3 ‘ 30 “3 ‘ 30 “
DYN70 m70 m
CWT32 m32 m