There’s no better way to learn the dive industry than by doing a Diving Instructor internship in Thailand!

PADI Dive Instructor Internship in Thailand: when you like to become a PADI professional but are short on money! We’ve all been there, that’s why we offer a free IDC internship for those who need a little extra help to reach their career dreams. The IDC Internship with Phoenix Divers Koh Lanta Dive Center is all about fun, professionalism and hands on experience. With us you will get the real experience of working in the dive industry.

Usually our paid Instructor Development Course takes around 14 days to be completed. On our Course Page you can read what it consists of as well as what the usual schedule looks like. During our PADI dive instructor internship in Thailand , it will look a little bit different. The professional course program will be incorporated into your 3 month stay. Some days you will work along with us, learning the dive sites, assisting instructors and guest. Other days, you will spend with our Course Director going over the e-learning materials.

What are the benefits of doing an internship in Koh Lanta versus paying for your Scuba professional training?

There are many benefits of doing a PADI Scuba Dive Instructor internship training in Thailand. First and most importantly, you save a lot of money and really learn how day to day scuba diving operations look like. Secondly, you will assist closely different instructors and thus get some important insights of teaching scuba diving as well as getting the hands on experience. Another very important benefit that many take for granted is the close friendship that you will create by staying a while on Koh Lanta with our team rather than just 2 weeks.

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In other words, you will not just save money. With a PADI IDC Internship in Thailand with us in Koh Lanta, you will get an experience. Therefore, your teaching skills will be much much deeper and more solid than just with a 2 weeks Instructor Development Course.