Nitrox course Koh Lanta

Give yourself more no decompression time with the Nitrox Course on Koh Lanta!

Nitrox Koh Lanta (PADI Enriched Air | EAN) is one of the most popular PADI specialities.  What is Nitrox? It’s a gas mixture of nitrogen/oxygen with the oxygen percentage higher than 21% that’s found in the air. This calculated percentage of oxygen allows scuba divers to dive longer with no decompression time and have shorter surface intervals. The main advantage of nitrox is the longer bottom time in dives from 15 to 30 meters deep. The PADI Enriched Air Course in Koh Lanta is a “dry course” meaning it can be all done without stepping into the water. The main point of the course is to understand the difference of enriched air and to know how to analyze your tank. Our course addresses the use of gas with 22% – 40% oxygen, with emphasis on 32% and 36% oxygen. The theory part is always assigned online. The analysis of your gas mixture can be done online with a dive simulator that allows you to compare the bottom time. Or, it can be done with an analyzer in the dive shop.

Doing the Nitrox course online can save you time and money when in Koh Lanta!

Get this important diving certification with Phoenix Divers: if you want to dive in safety while avoiding long decompression stops in Koh Lanta Dive Sites! Write us to know more detail.

nitrox koh lanta dive

EANx Photography Tip:

Nitrox Certification will allow you to stay longer at certain depth right?

In order to get photo like this one you need a lot of time to set up the frame, exposure and…wait the Gostpipefish to friendly behave. Well, if you don’t have Enriched Air in your tank, it might be you need to start your ascent before getting the perfect shot!

Book your Nitrox Koh Lanta course today and be ready for your next dive trip!


What You Learn

  • How to properly select the best mix for your dive
  • How to use your Enriched Air, equivalent air depth and oxygen exposure tables to plan your dive
  • Techniques for getting more dive time by using enriched air nitrox
  • Enriched air scuba diving equipment considerations
  • Enriched air considerations, including managing oxygen exposure, how to tell what’s in your scuba tank and how to set your dive computer

Nitrox Course Checklist

  • AGE

    12 years or older.


    No equipment necessary, everything is included in the price.

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