Are you a PADI IDC Staff Instructor looking to gain more credits Staffing IDCs in Thailand to work towards a Master Instructor or Course Director rating? With our Koh Lanta friendly home based Course Director and in-the-house IDC Staff, you will be the master of evaluating candidate teaching presentations, and showing IDC curriculum presentations to the candidates. In the classroom, the pool, and in Koh Lanta open water.

Why getting PADI IDC Credits in Thailand?

To become a PADI Master Instructor, one of the requirements is to have staffed two full PADI IDC programmes or a combination of certified Assistant Instructor. If you are looking to attend a PADI CDTC in the near future, the more  IDC Staffing Credits you have, the better.  In Thailand, Koh Lanta is one of the best easy going island options. Have you ever been here? Koh Lanta is an island still pristine with less crowd than other famous Scuba Diving Instructor Development area.

PADI IDC Credits – IDC Staffing

Duration: PADI IDC Course

Cost: 10000 thb

This includes all the class, pool and open water session. Diving Equipment and Evaluation Slates are not included. 30 days AC Accomodation option + 6000 thb on the price

padi idc credits thailand

When can I come to Thailand to get more PADI IDC Staffing Credits ?

Check out our PADI IDC Scuba Diving Instructor Development Course and our PADI IDC Course Schedule on Koh Lanta, Thailand.
Normally you will follow one of our full IDC and you will work together with our Course Director and side by side with the Diving Instructors candidates who will be present. At the end of the course, you will receive a copy of the IDC Course Report Form, which you need to keep and include in your Master Instructor application as proof of the PADI IDC staffing credits.