Would you like to help Phoenix Divers Koh Lanta clean the Andaman sea of Thailand?

Take our Thailand Project Aware Dive Against Debris Course! Help us clean the Andaman Sea and learn how you can help your local ocean, sea or lake. This course, started in 2011, has one main purpose: to take trash out of the ocean. Be a part of this incredible movement and help our planet be cleaner! The main idea of the Dive Against Debris course on Koh Lanta is to pick a nearby place, collect trash and input the data into the global database. This database is created to support the development of policies to improve waste management around the world. The course will give you an essential kit to correctly survey your dive sites. In addition, it will show you how to input your data in the database.

Do not worry, we go also diving in one of Koh Lanta Best Spot!

Once a part of this amazing movement, you will be able to survey your own dive sites or look up events near you to join. The Dive Against Debris course is conducted in two open water dives. Before these dives, you will learn what can be removed and what should be left in the water to protect the marine life. In addition, you will learn how to properly weigh and categorize each debris. But that’s not all! We will introduce you to the proper gear for debris removal. Finally, this course will really focus on proper buoyancy. Something that you will always need for your continuing education! After the course, we will help you create your own Project Aware Dive Against Debris account. There, you will be able to report your own debris findings as well as create events. Moreover,  you will be able to connect with fellow divers and join them on their Dive Against Debris events.

Don’t wait! Learn how you can help our oceans with our Dive Against Debris Course in Thailand!

Collecting Debris from the Koh Rok Clean up day in October, every year before the start of the high season on Koh Lanta

dive debris koh lanta

One of our Project Aware Day, collecting garbage from one of the Dive Sites from Koh Lanta

dive debris koh lanta