shark point diving koh lanta

A Diving Site that was given sanctuary status in 1992.

The reef os Shark Point Diving Site is composed of the largest pinnacle rising above the surface and the second largest pinnacle rising to 5 meters below the surface. There is also a third and rarely visited pinnacle to 16 meters below the surface with large sandy areas between the rock formations.

Shark Point Diving Site derives its name from the Leopard and Bamboo Sharks that were in the past frequently seen here and the sheer density and diversity of coral and fish life makes for a wonderful diving experience from Koh Lanta. Unfortunately, nowadays, it has become very hard to spot these gorgeous creatures.

The most recognizable features of this dive site are the profusions of purple and pink soft corals that cling to pinnacles and the huge gorgonian fans and barrel sponges on the reef and in the sandy area between the pinnacles.

Despite that, we do no often go to this diving site from Ko Lanta because we prefer the better visibility of scuba diving location closer to us as Koh Haa or Koh bida Nok, where you might also snorkel with your family or, why not, freedive!


    Suitable for experienced divers due to the strong currents


    Mild to strong, we will check tide times for dive suitability.


    Although visibility varies and can sometimes drop below this average, the normal visibility around this site is 5 to 15m


    See the map for a more specific description of the site, however the max depth 30m



    Bamboo sharks, lamazing fan corals, lion and scorpion fish, sea horse, white eyed moray, and big shoaling fish

Shark Point Dive site map

shark point koh lanta