clownfish koh lanta

Clownfish (Anemonefish) on Koh Lanta Sites

Who knows how many Clownfish are swimming around Koh Lanta?

Have you ever heard about the Amphiprion Sebae – Sebae Anemonefish?

Normally, as in all fish ID slates or guides, we are used to seeing 4 of them:Amphiprion Ocellaris – Western ClownfishAmphiprion Clarkii – Clark’s AnemonefishAmphiprion Ephippium – Tomato or Red Saddle Back AnemonefishAmphiprion Akallopison – Skunk Anemonefish
When actually there is also the 5th kind: Amphiprion sebae – Sebae Anemonefish
What is very strange is that the 5th kind was found by us either in Bida and Koh Haa in Heteractis Crispa hosting anemone while it should be found only in Stichodactyla Haddoni, according to the literature.

This Koh Lanta Clownfish can be distinguished from the similar Clark’s Anemonefish by only two white bands and its second white band that tips toward the back of the fish on top, extending onto the dorsal fin. Also by its yellow caudal and anal fins.
In our photo, the yellow marking on the lower portion of the body and caudal peduncle is replaced with black, purported to be a host-induced melanism, as it has been noted in some specimens such as this specimen in Java. This is exactly “same same” as ours…

…the only mystery left to be revealed is the host anemone specie:Why are they not on Stichodactyla Haddoni?!?!?!

clownfish koh lanta