Koh Haa Yai Diving site offers something for everyone form snorkelers and novice divers to the most experienced diver.
The largest island in the Koh Haa group and famous because of its cavern called “ The  Cathedral” or “The Cave”. This cave consists of two chambers. The largest of the chambers goes back into with a large swim through opening into a second chamber.
The main entrance to the cave lies at 14 meters, and this opening goes all the way up to the surface only at low tide. Inside the island divers can remove their regs and breath the air inside.
The rock formations inside the cavern are amazing because the light shinning in from underneath you via the entrance.
Beside that, the East side is great for beginners and snorkelers with a very long shallow coral garden providing calm clear water.

Koh Haa Yai Diving and the deepest part: stunning corals and big Groupers.

300 meters to the west of Koh Haa Yai diving place is another small limestone rock island, the sixth island that we call simply “No Name Pinnacle”. This is a fantastic dive, possibly the best on Koh Haa. The reef drops to 30 meters with pinnacles on the west side to 40 meters and beyond. It is possible to swim from the pinnacle to Yai island by following a ridge at 14 meters that end on the north of the bigger island.
Colourful soft corals and fans are abundant, with a complex and diverse marine eco system from the smallest crustation to the largest pelagic fish in the Ocean.

    Koh Haa Yai is suitable for all levels of divers from beginner to pro.


    Mild to strong. We use the tide tables in our dive planning.


    Although visibility varies and can sometimes drop below this average, the normal visibility around this site is 20 -40m


    See the maps for more specific descriptions of the sites, however the max depth 35m


    These sites are excellent for  Macro Photographers. they are a great place to see  caves, turtles, frog fish, corals, trigger fish, sharks, nudibranch, and shoals of Barracuda as well as much much more.

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