The Koh Lanta wreck you can’t miss together with Kled Keaw Wreck. On the 4th of May 1997 the 85 meter long passenger ferry King Cruiser on a routine journey to Phi Phi island made history, by straying several miles off course and colliding into the top of Anemone reef and tearing a gaping hole in her hull. The ship started taking on water immediately, but managed to stay afloat for two and half hours, and all 600 passengers were safely rescued.
Now the wreck lies upright in 32 meters of water creating the best koh lanta wreck dive, the wreck has evolved in to natural reef with big open swim through’s and passageways, although some of the bridge and upper deck areas have collapsed over the years, and it is not easy to penetrate deep inside the wreck now. The astern of this koh lanta wreck dive is a favorite, you can drop down to 30 meters and see the huge propellers half buried in the sand, with vast shoals of fish surrounding the hull. Take care not to touch the surfaces as it has become encrusted with corals and barnacles, and these are extremely sharp.


    Due to strong currents, and the fact that this is a wreck dive, we will only take experienced divers.


    Mild to very strong. We use the tide tables in our dive planning.


    Although visibility varies and can sometimes drop below this average, the normal visibility around these sites is between 5-20 m


    Depth ranges from 12 to 33 m


    A wreck! You must have good lights or a flash on your camera for good photographs.

Dive site map

King Cruiser wreck diving site map