• Suitable for experienced divers only

    We recommend only experienced divers go to this site as it is very deep and exposed to the open sea.

  • Currents

    Mild to strong. We use the tide tables in our dive planning.

  • Visibility

    Although visibility varies and can sometimes drop below this average, the normal visibility around these sites is between 10 to 35m

  • Depth

    See the maps for more specific descriptions of the sites, however the depth ranges from the beach to the max depth at this site is 75m.

  • Great place to see and to photograph

    This site is a great place to see Manta rays and pelagics.

Dive site map

hin muang

Hin Muang

Hin Muang Diving is another world class, perhaps not as well known as Hin Daeng but it is easily on par with the very best diving Koh Lanta, and Thailand, has to offer. Situated 500 meters north of Hin Daeng, Hin Muang dive site features a series of five sea mounts or a large ridge with the shallowest part starting at 9 meters below the surface in the west going progressively deeper towards the east of the reef. At 35 meters the ridge forms into smaller pinnacles and rocky outcrops that continue sloping down to well below recreational dive limits. Hin Muang diving offers very impressive vertical walls that drop to 70 meters. The entire dive site is covered with purple soft corals which it is named after. Close encounters with Manta Rays are common, often in groups, and large shoals of pelagic fish surround the upper parts of the rock formation. On good days Hin Muang diving is quite simply awesome and a dive you will remember for a very long time.

advanced open water koh lanta

koh lanta diving

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